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Goodbye, Dad.

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  [I apologize to those who have visited this blog and wondered why I have not posted any updates since October.  Yes, construction has progressed, but life intervened.  Lynn and I have alternatively been the primary caregiver to Dad for … Continue reading

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Solar Tour Handout

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Thanks to all who came to visit EdgewaterHaus on the National Solar Tour Saturday.  And a special thanks to our architect Chris Briley for being here to meet and greet visitors and offer his insight into the construction details.  We … Continue reading

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EdgewaterHaus on the NESEA Solar Home Tour

EdgewaterHaus is participating in the NorthEast Solar Energy Association Solar Home Tour.  Even though the national solar home tour was held 6 and 7 Octber, for some inexplicable reason, NESEA is holding the tour this Saturday, 13 October.   Click … Continue reading

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New banner photo of EdgewaterHaus

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After an absence of several week attending to repairs and renovations of our current home in Virginia, I am back in the blogosphere with several topics in mind that I hope will be informative and interesting. For now, I have simply updated … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Master Suite Floor Plan

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Last winter we sought to simplify construction as a means of reducing costs.  At that time, the study was a slab-on grade attachment to the MBR.  It had a unique foundation, roof shape and ceiling.  We moved the study into … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Window Saga…..With a Happy Ending (so far!)

There’s a popular saying here in Maine…. “we’re all set” ….to signify that the current situation is perfectly fine. Window selection had so far been the most time consuming and vexing aspect of EdgewaterHaus.  That was all behind us.  We … Continue reading

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Finished Foundation and Floor Framing Oh-Ohs

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The foundation for the main house is complete.  Time to start framing and sheathing the main floor deck while we wait for Shawn Woods to excavate the footings for the attached slab-grade garage and three season room. There’s not a whole lot … Continue reading

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Factory Built Roof Trusses

We’re making progress! We’re completed the footers and Logix foundation.  The factory built walls panels are also finished, awaiting delivery.  Production of the Bieber windows is underway in France.  The framers are installing the wood I-beams and floor deck.  We still … Continue reading

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Architectural Drawings posted

I just realized that I had neglected to post the EdgewaterHaus architectural drawings that we are using for construction.  I have now placed them in a new tab on the home page entitled “Architectural Drawings.”  Click on this tab and … Continue reading

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Casting EdgewaterHaus to a wider audience

I am pleased to report that EdgewaterHaus now has a much wider audience. Green Building Advisor, a subsidiary of Taunton Press, publisher of many magazines including Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking, has begun republishing extracts of this blog.  They have … Continue reading

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