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  1. Dave Ayers says:

    I was wondering what happened with no blogs lately. Glad all is well.
    Dennis Gosselin contacted me about your project a while ago but I never got to register although I have been following your progress faithfully! As you can see from my e-mail we have a “green” or as I prefer an “energy smart” 22 lot project off Pool Street in Biddeford. It has been slow to sell which we expected but I hadn’t counted on this economy. Peter Taggart will probably be building a home (the first with our own home to follow hopefully soon after) for a client as soon as plans are finalized. He has also designed a passivehous spec house for our lot 17 but we are in a holding pattern at the moment.
    For my two cents worth I think Taggart has the necessary skill set to do a good job for you although you seem to be very able to figure things out for yourself. I also like Chris Briley, a good choice!
    I wish you the best.

    • Roger says:

      Hello Dave. Thanks for the comments. I was a bit mystified how you had connected the dots with Dennis and Peter, but I spoke with Dennis and now understand.

      We had Peter and his engineer Claire along with Chris on our site last month, and I was kidding Chris that the site and design challenges on our lot were such that perhaps we should just stop further efforts and shift to Peter’s spec design Passive House at terrapingreen! Your lot is nearly directly across the river from our lot. Glad to see your listing is back on the market for sale. Saw it listed in Maine Home Design. Good luck on that.

  2. John Brautigam says:

    Hey, Roger. I have skimmed through the blog and it looks great. You will recall that we connected a few months back about having some SMCC students who could learn from your work. Let’s continue that discussion — I think they would greatly benefit. Can I subscribe to the blog?
    John Brautigam

    • Roger says:

      John, great to hear there’s some interest in collaboration. Be glad to discuss details further. Please do sign up for the blog.

  3. vimax says:

    I would like to thankyou for such an enlightening post. I dont by and large reply on blogs as I wish to lurk and read. However your style of literature is uncomplicated to understand, I love the fact that it is clear and to the point. I will make sure that I mail your blog to my acquaintances as I am certain they will not only like reading your post but also find it extremely instructive.

  4. Andy Kerr says:


    I am writing an article for Home Power magazine on green appraisals and would like to interview you about your trials and tribulations. If you are willing, please contact me ASAP to arrange a time for an interview. I’m on a deadline of 15 Feb, so if I can hear from you promptly, I’d appreciate it.



    • Roger says:

      I would be delighted to do so. There is much talk about the need for more energy efficient buildings, a much larger choice of construction materials to do so, and the projection for higher future energy costs as global economies recover from recession. But it often comes down to “no ticket, no laundry.” If the appraisal doesn’t recognize the real value, then the loan amount will be less than expected. A smaller loan means people can’t finance all they expected, so they must give up something in a major remodel or new construction. Do you give up the “bling” of granite countertops, and downgrade from triple pane to double pane windows?

  5. T J Hill & Associates says:


    I am a PH consultant here in D.C. Have spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill lobbying for a bill we had going last year to incentivise the PH standard in the LIHTC area. Did not go anywhere but we hope to resurrect it.
    However, being in D.C makes it easier to see new things on the horizon such as the SAVE Act( ). In addition, work is being done to incorporate all the points you make above into a new approach to financing EE retrofits. The Appraisal Institute is familiar with this work being done out of Austin, Tx.

  6. Roy de Vries says:

    I am evaluating the value of building to Passive House standards and enjoying your dilemmas and frustrations. Enjoy your comments and the sharing of your experiences.



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