Our Team

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team working off a single playbook, with meticulous attention to design and construction details, to build a house to meet the PassivHaus standard.  Here’s our all-pro lineup:

Architect: Chris Briley, principal architect of the Green Design Studio, Yarmouth, Maine. He has designed 3 homes (1 Platinum, 2 Gold) that have achieved LEED certified status.  Chris is a member is the U.S. Green Building Council, a LEED accredited professional architect, and has published several magazine articles, including Fine Homebuilding, on green building design.  He shares a blog and podcast on GreenBuildingAdvisor.com known as the Green Architect’s Lounge where he and fellow Architect Phil Kaplan of Kaplan Thompson Architects talk green with invited guests.

PassivHaus Consultant: Marc Rosenbaum, PE, South Mountain Company, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, has had a long and illustrious career in sustainable construction and energy efficient design, including the first super-insulated home built in Meriden, NH, in 1978 that requires only one cord of wood per year to heat the house.  He has made presentations at PassivHaus conferences, and consulted on numerous green building articles pubished in Fine Homebuilding and Journal of Light Construction.

General Contractor: The Biddeford-Saco area is often referred to locally as the twin cities, separated by twin bridges built next to massive brick textile mills that are still trying to recover from exodus of manufacturing to overseas locations in the 1970s.  From the start, Caleb Johnson, Architects was the hometown favorite.  Caleb came to Biddeford in 2000 to start his architectural practice.  Since then, he has designed and built numerous public, commercial, and residential projects in the area.  Many have been featured in local newspapers and in Maine Home + Design monthly magazine.  His staff has grown, now with five architects and two full time construction managers on board.  We started discussions with Caleb nearly two years ago, and he maintained a very strong interest in our project throughout.  By happenstance, we encountered many past and current CJA clients who praised Caleb’s problem solving skills and budget sensitivities while preserving quality and attention to detail.  Bob Kandur, our construction manager, brings 25 years of construction management experience, much of it on high end projects with demanding clients.

Other Trades: TBD

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