Solar Tour Handout

Thanks to all who came to visit EdgewaterHaus on the National Solar Tour Saturday.  And a special thanks to our architect Chris Briley for being here to meet and greet visitors and offer his insight into the construction details.  We had a steady stream of visitors, ranging from architects, realtors, developers, and others who were simply interested in learning more about a very energy efficient home still under construction.  For those who could not make the event, here’s the handout we gave to visitors.  Simply click on the image to open it in a new window.

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3 Responses to Solar Tour Handout

  1. Michelle Blais and Bruce Bolduc says:

    Just found your site. A fascinating project!
    Can you give us more details on the SRCC process?
    Thank you

  2. amy says:

    Please update your website! I’m dying to hear about your living experience especially in this snow! :)

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