Casting EdgewaterHaus to a wider audience

I am pleased to report that EdgewaterHaus now has a much wider audience.

Green Building Advisor, a subsidiary of Taunton Press, publisher of many magazines including Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking, has begun republishing extracts of this blog.  They have posted three blogs so far, and plan to follow the entire sequence from planning through construction.  New postings have been showcased on the GBA homepage, then are retained under the “blog” tab.  They have also included EdgewaterHaus on their email newsletter.

I have been using GBA since I started several years ago researching design and construction practices for very high energy efficient, green homes.  GBA has an excellent staff of writers, and their guest blogs offer unique, hands on experience from architects, engineers, contractors around the world.  What I find particularly valuable is that many GBA readers don’t hesitate to offer their unfettered opinions on construction ranging from philosophy to minute technical details.  It’s a great honor to have EdgewaterHaus open to such a wide range of passionate and knowlegable professionals.

I also am a long time subscriber to Remodeling Magazine, and noticed that they too had republished one of our blogs.

We are all here today on the backs of our predecessors.  The many books, magazines, internet postings that I had viewed over many years helped shape my thoughts on building EdgewaterHaus.  So I began this blog last year with the hope that others could learn from our challenges, exceed our successes, and be similarly inspired to build greener, more energy efficient buildings.

Republishing EdgewaterHaus on GBA helps spread that message.

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