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Finding Value in a Green Appraisal – Tools are out there – Part II

Getting an appraisal to value green enhancements requires the appraiser to take two actions:  (1)  recognize and list the green enhancements on the appraisal form; (2) assign a value to these enhancements. The first action is the easiest hurdle; the … Continue reading

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Finding Value in a Green Home Appraisal – Lenders & Appraisers – Part I

If you have read my previous blog entitled “Seeing Red on a Green Appraisal – the Challenge,” you know that the appraisar failed to list or value any of the green/energy efficient aspects of EdgewaterHaus.  Does it matter? ABSOLUTELY! Most … Continue reading

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Seeing Red on a Green Property Appraisal – the Challenge

I am seeing “red” on what’s supposed to be a “green” residential property appraisal. No, I’m not color blind, although my wife Lynn says I am “seriously color challenged” for my occasional fashion faux-pas.  Perhaps so. I’m using figurative colors … Continue reading

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