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Connecting to the Grid – Part II – who dropped the fax?

Football season is upon us.  There’s the running game, and then there’s the passing game.  This blog is about one aspect of the passing game, that is, catching the ball when it’s thrown to you.  Who dropped the fax? Central … Continue reading

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Milling pine logs into lumber

We all know that ground beef and steak come from butchering a cow, but not many people have been to a slaughterhouse.  (I suspect many would become vegetarians if they did). Similarly, I know that lumber comes from milling trees … Continue reading

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Looking through windows – Part VII; Thermotech

We have been comparing two window options for EdgewaterHaus: German manufactured Unilux (click on the British flag in the upper right to translate the page into English), and Canadian made Thermotech.  I”ll talk about Thermotech in this blog; a previous blog … Continue reading

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A visit to G-OLogic Passive House in Belfast Maine

We decided to embrace the German Passive House building standard after reading an article on the topic about two years ago.  I liked its singular, analytic focus on energy.  All subsequent research led me to conclude that we should design … Continue reading

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