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Issues associated with incorporating universal design/age in place for mobility challenged people of any age

Seeing Red on a Green Property Appraisal – the Challenge

I am seeing “red” on what’s supposed to be a “green” residential property appraisal. No, I’m not color blind, although my wife Lynn says I am “seriously color challenged” for my occasional fashion faux-pas. ¬†Perhaps so. I’m using figurative colors … Continue reading

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ARGH! Punting construction to the spring

We have made a very tough decision that has left us in a deep funk. We opted to defer the start of construction until the spring. When we hired Chris Briley in August 2010 and armed him with what we … Continue reading

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Main Floor Plan

Here is the floor plan for our new home. Edgewater main floor If I force my mind to clear any preconceived notions, then try to look at the floor plan from the perspective of a fresh pair of eyes, my … Continue reading

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