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Issues associated with meeting the US Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard

Achieving Passive House Design Stage Assurance

Great News! Passive House Academy has told us that EdgewaterHaus has achieved “Design Stage Assurance.”  That means PHA entered our design specifications into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) energy model and found that we meet the Passive House criteria … Continue reading

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When is a Passive House NOT a Passive House?

Want to build a house to the Passive House standard?  That used to be an easily recognizable target.  There was only one Passive House standard, an international specification established in 1996 by the German-based Passive House Institute (PHI).  It’s a … Continue reading

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Finding Value in a Green Appraisal – Part IV: Still a Very Long Journey Ahead

We have received a revised appraisal on Edgewaterhaus.  This third trip to the appraisal well is decidedly a mixed bag.  As the title of this blog suggests, those who want to build green via a bank loan have an uphill … Continue reading

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Passive House Certification of Edgewaterhaus: PHI or PHIUS+?

We’re ready to submit Edgewaterhaus for Passive House Certification. Which begs the question: should we even bother with certification, particularly after the fracturing of the Passive House movement last August?  That’s when the Passive House Institute (PHI), the international organization … Continue reading

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Can We Get More, Pay Less, To Keep About The Same?

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Let me explain this rather cryptic proposition. Is it possible to tweak the design of EdgewaterHaus to simultaneously (Get More) energy performance from the building, (Pay Less) to build it, and still (Keep about the same) square footage and floor plan? We liked … Continue reading

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2011 – a Retrospective

Wow, it’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog.  Time to get back in focus.  It’s not that there haven’t been things to write about; there has been a lot going on behind the blog screen.  I attribute … Continue reading

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Finding Value in a Green Home Appraisal – Lenders & Appraisers – Part I

If you have read my previous blog entitled “Seeing Red on a Green Appraisal – the Challenge,” you know that the appraisar failed to list or value any of the green/energy efficient aspects of EdgewaterHaus.  Does it matter? ABSOLUTELY! Most … Continue reading

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Seeing Red on a Green Property Appraisal – the Challenge

I am seeing “red” on what’s supposed to be a “green” residential property appraisal. No, I’m not color blind, although my wife Lynn says I am “seriously color challenged” for my occasional fashion faux-pas.  Perhaps so. I’m using figurative colors … Continue reading

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ARGH! Punting construction to the spring

We have made a very tough decision that has left us in a deep funk. We opted to defer the start of construction until the spring. When we hired Chris Briley in August 2010 and armed him with what we … Continue reading

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ICF Foundation – Part II

My previous blog on Insulated Concrete Forms touched on the general benefits of using this method for building walls.  We are committed to an ICF foundation.  After considering which ICF products are available in the area, we chose to look at two … Continue reading

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