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Achieving Passive House Design Stage Assurance

Great News! Passive House Academy has told us that EdgewaterHaus has achieved “Design Stage Assurance.”  That means PHA entered our design specifications into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) energy model and found that we meet the Passive House criteria … Continue reading

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Seeing Red on a Green Property Appraisal – the Challenge

I am seeing “red” on what’s supposed to be a “green” residential property appraisal. No, I’m not color blind, although my wife Lynn says I am “seriously color challenged” for my occasional fashion faux-pas.  Perhaps so. I’m using figurative colors … Continue reading

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Let there be light – Part I

Humans are emotionally and behaviorally attracted to light.  Think about it.  We work and play in the splendor of the daylight; we sleep in the darkness of the night. Our current house in northern Virginia is nestled amid towering trees.  … Continue reading

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